Pedro's Dictionaries

This early internet resource, created by someone named "Pedro" is no longer maintained. Some of the links may still work.

Generic/English Multilingual Esperanto Estonian Finnish French German Hungarian Italian Latin Japanese Norwegian Slovak Slovene Spanish Swedish Russian Urdu Vietnamese

Acronym Dictionary at MCC, UK
Acronym Server at U.C. Cork, Ireland
Acronyms (English and German) at FU-Berlin, Germany
American English Dictionary at MCC, UK
Biographical Dictionary at MIT
Cell Biology Dictionary at U. Glasgow, UK
The Climbing Dictionary at DLR, Germany
Devil's Dictionary at U. Bergen, Norway
English/Technical and Natural Language Dictionary at CERN, Switzerland
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing at Wombat, UK
Hacker's Dictionary at UCS
NASA Thesaurus at NASA
Roget's Thesaurus at ARTFL
Roget's Thesaurus at NIH
STING Computing Dictionary at New Mexico State
US->UK English Dictionary at MCC, UK
Webster's Dictionary at Carnegie Mellon
Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus at Memphis State

ECHO-EURODICAUTOM - An Official and Technical Dictionary for the European Community (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese) at Uni-Frankfurt, Germany and a ECHO-Portuguese Interface at Iowa State

Esperanto->English and English->Esperanto Dictionaries at TIOS, Netherlands
Esperanto->English Dictionary at Internet Wiretap
Esperanto->German and German->Esperanto Dictionaries at TIOS, Netherlands

Estonian<->English Dictionary at U. Tartu, Estonia

Finnish<->English Dictionary at Mofile PLace, Finland
Finnish<->Swedish Dictionary at Lexin Dictionaries, Sweden

French<->English Dictionary in Finland
French->English Dictionary at U. Chicago
Molbio French Dictionary and its English->French Version at CITI2, France
Electronic Dictionary of French Inflected Forms at U. Marne-la-Vallée, France

German<->English Dictionary at FHI-Berlin, Germany
German<->English Dictionary at LEO, Germany
German<->English Dictionary at TU-Munchen
German->English Idioms Dictionary at U. Toledo

Hungarian<->English Dictionary in Germany

Italian->English and English->Italian> Dictionaries at Willamette U.

Latin Wordlist and Latin Grammar Aid at U. Notre Dame

Japanese<->English Dictionary at U. Utrecht, Netherlands
Jeffrey's Japanese/English Dictionary Gateway

Norwegian Dictionaries at Norsk-Regnesentral, Norway

English->Slovak Dictionary for Tourists at EUnet Slovakia

Slovene->English and English->Slovene Dictionaries at U. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Spanish->English and English->Spanish Dictionaries at Willamette U.
English->Spanish Dictionary of Electronics at John Hopkins U.

Swedish<->English Dictionary at Lexin Dictionaries, Sweden
Swedish<->Finnish Dictionary at Lexin Dictionaries, Sweden

Russian<->English Dictionary at Stack-Serpukhov, Russia
Russian<->English Dictionary at Elvis, Russia
Russian<->English Dictionary and Thesaurus of Computer Terms at U. Tennessee

Urdu->English Dictionary (Small) at Internet Wiretap

Vietnamese Computer Glossary at Internet Wiretap

Last Changed: 95/10/02